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Chapter 1067 Happiness

  • Meanwhile, Devin was accompanying Sabrina for her prenatal checkup in General Hospital. She was seeing the doctor recommended by Grayson.
  • “Wow! I didn't expect you to become a dad in such a sudden manner. You're really something, dude.” Grayson teased Devin upon seeing them in the hospital. He swept his gaze across Sabrina's tummy and grinned.
  • Grayson was Jonathan's comrade, and he was very close with Devin's father. Therefore, he saw Devin as his son.
  • The younger man was also excited upon hearing what Grayson said.
  • However, Sabrina turned her head away awkwardly.
  • “Yes. We're here for a prenatal checkup. Uncle Grayson, can you pick the best obstetrician in the hospital for me? We also plan to have our baby delivered here,” Devin said.
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