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Chapter 106 Sasha Is Awake

  • Xandra had been under tremendous stress recently as things kept happening one after another without giving her a break. When she found out their plan failed, they shouted in vexation like a madman.
  • Kelly glared at her useless niece from the corner of her eyes and smacked her lips. “Let's go on a vacation. We should go abroad to get your mind off this.”
  • “What? Now?” Xandra questioned in surprise.
  • Nevertheless, Kelly ignored her disapproving gaze and proceeded to book the flight tickets.
  • “You need some time off. As for me, it's better for me to make myself scarce, so Sebastian doesn't find out anything. It will be the end of the story if Sebastian traces things back to us.”
  • Xandra clenched her jaw, wanting to disagree, but she knew what her aunt said was true. Hence, she finally gave in.
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