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Chapter 1035 Puzzling Behavior

  • However, Devin's stern words betrayed his true thoughts. He had not been thinking about the female soldiers in his troop at all.
  • Instead, the memory of saving Sabrina from Yancy flashed through his mind.
  • Sabrina's captors had force-fed her a new drug developed for pharmacological torture, and she almost went mad from how excruciating the pain had been. Even then, Sabrina had recovered from the experience with nothing but willpower.
  • This bit of pain is nothing compared to what Sabrina experienced.
  • Upon hearing his words, Henrick blushed in embarrassment and kept his mouth shut.
  • The doctor then gave them further instructions on what to do as they awaited the nurse's arrival. He planned to administer IV sedation to help Kira cope with the pain and reduce the inflammation in her wounds.
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