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Chapter 1029 An Unfair World

  • Sasha bombarded her with questions, one after another. It was palpable that she was worried.
  • Tears started rolling down Jamie's cheeks.
  • “He... He's sick, Ms. Wand. Please save him. He won't survive if he doesn't get help,” Jamie begged Sasha, suddenly dropping to her knees.
  • Sasha was shocked and mad at the same time as she quickly went ahead to pick Jamie up.
  • “Take a deep breath and talk slowly, Jamie. Just tell me what happened. Why did he fall sick out of the blue? He was still fine when I last saw him. And what do you mean, he won't survive? Explain, Jamie! Explain!”
  • Sasha's voice was trembling as she spoke. Her knuckles turned white as she held Jamie's hands ever so tightly.
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