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Chapter 102 A Secret Cannot Stay A Secret Forever

  • Ian got ready within ten minutes, and the two headed to Old Town.
  • Sebastian never probed into where Sasha was living as he had always thought she was staying with her uncle. After all, that was what she told him.
  • It was not until today that he found out that Sasha actually lied to him and that she had found another place to stay.
  • This obviously did not set Sebastian in a good mood. Thus, he drove Ian to Old Town without saying a word. This neighborhood is simply too squalid and slummy. His nose wrinkled in disgust as he looked around.
  • Beside him, Ian's reaction was totally different.
  • As the car drove nearer to Sasha's place, Ian poked his head out of the window and looked around in expectation. He was looking for her, and Sebastian could tell from his actions that his son could not wait to see her. That little boy was scanning the area meticulously, trying to get a sign of his mother.
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