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Chapter 1017 Loving You Is My Greatest Regret

  • Everyone felt chills run down their spines.
  • Even Devin, who was holding Kira in his arms just a moment ago, had frozen on the spot.
  • He only snapped out of his shock when he saw that Sabrina had picked up a parking signage which was placed next to the hospital gate, intending to slam it on Kira.
  • The man could hardly believe that Sabrina was still unrelenting, despite Kira already being severely injured. He strode over to her at once and said, “Sabrina, that's enough! What are you trying to do?”
  • Is he asking what I'm trying to do?
  • With bloodshot eyes, Sabrina, who seemed to have lost her rationality, turned around and glared at the man, who was currently grabbing her arms.
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