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Chapter 1003 She Will Never Leave Him

  • The hostage was none other than Kira!
  • Though she was held captive, she couldn't stop tears from streaming down her cheeks at the sight of Devin.
  • Devin scowled. “Why are you here?”
  • “S-Shanae left me with these men. Devin, I wasn't the one behind Coldbridge's incident. Shanae forced me to do that. She threatened to give my parents a hard time in the Wood family. Aunt Jasmine is dead, so I had no choice...” she trailed off and wailed sadly.
  • Devin was speechless.
  • One commander asked, “Major Devin, is she your cousin? What should we do now? If we rescue her and let them leave, our efforts for the past few days would be in vain.”
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