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Chapter 6: A News From The Palace

  • I ran to the packhouse and met Storm who was holding a letter. I couldn't help the smile that drew in my face as I took it from him and opened it. It was news from the palace. I read it carefully and with understanding.
  • "What a contagious smile, don't you think, Hance? Maybe that's good news, eh."
  • I rolled my eyes as I found Beta Hance also smiling widely as Storm. "Why don't you stick your nose in me? Mind your own business, will you?" I gave him my death glare and he just only smirked at me. "Asshole! Find your mate!" I turned my back on them as I walked to my room. I heard their laughs and heard Storm saying something to Beta Hance.
  • "Don't worry, Hance. You don't have to worry. She just found her mate."
  • "I heard that, brother." I gave him my most death glare he doesn't want to see in his life. But he was not affected because he just laughed at me.
  • I rolled my eyes as I turned my back to them, entering my room. My smile drew back when I glanced at the letter I was reading. I sat at the edge of my bed. Taking a deep breath and gulping at the same time as I read the letter again and again. It says I must go back to the palace. Emergency has brought it to the warriors. And as a battlefield commander, I must go. Perhaps, rogues are planning to attack the palace.
  • I went downstairs and looked for Storm. I have to bid goodbye and tell me what's the content of the letter the palace delivered to me. I ignored my mate, Claude, when I saw him sitting on the couch with my sister-in-law, Casey, who was his sister.
  • "Good day to you too, Rachelle! What's with your smile?" Casey beamed. I approached her and couldn't help but feel annoyed because Claude was looking at me intently. His dark hazel beautiful pair of eyes looked at me with an intensity that made my wolf melt right now. I looked away and looked back at Casey and gave her my sweetest smile.
  • "I just got news from the palace. And I want to bid goodbye to my brother. I wonder where he is right now. I mind-linked Hance already and he didn't know where he was right now. Mind if you know where he is? He was blocking my mind-link."
  • Casey smiled and clapped her hands like a little kid. "Yehey! The battlefield commander will be back from her vacation!" I shook my head, seeing her acting like a kid again.
  • "Tell me where he is." I want to get out of this place. I don't want Claude looking at me and scanning me from up and down. He has been here for the past few days. I was bothered to ask Casey as to when he will be out of Storm's pack. I hate seeing him. My wolf yelled. I shut her up and don't want to listen to her rants seeing how handsome he is right now.
  • "He is in the gym right now," she said out of the blue where she hasn't realized that she has spoken it. Perhaps, she was mind-linking my Alpha brother. Then her eyes fell for me as she nodded her head. "Yeah. He is in the gym!" Then Casey glared at Claude and placed her hands on top of his arm. "Brother, would you mind going with Rachelle? You told me you want to see my husband's training gym. And Rachelle will show it to you. Right, Ray?" She sided her head to me, pleasing her eyes to me.
  • My eyes widened when the realization hit me with her statement. "What?! No way!" I exclaimed so suddenly. I don't wanna be with him! My insides shuddered.
  • "Oh right. Yes, she doesn't want me on her side." I snapped my head to Claude, sensing the sarcasm coated in his voice.
  • "What do you want to point out?" I crossed my arms, raising my brow. What is his problem anyway? Do I have to mind him? I don't have a plan to go with him. I only want to talk to my brother. Why do I have to accompany him to the gym anyway? I shut off my wolf because she was howling in happiness seeing Claude. The result is my insides knock me off affecting him. I don't like this feeling.
  • Claude stepped forward which caught me off guard. He was all serious right now. I could feel the madness radiating on him. My wolf tells me that I should apologize to him right now. Claude and his wolf were becoming mad at my actions. But I don't care. I raised my chin to hide the horrifying feeling of becoming closer to him. If I let my guards down, he would be able to scope me around his arms. I would melt instantly in his, giving up or rather accepting him as my mate. I stepped backward and shook my head slowly. Claude reacted and soon enough, he had this sad expression which I think he realized what my action is.
  • "As your Luna, I want you to accompany my brother." I snapped my head to Casey who has an authoritative voice right now.
  • I opened my mouth to refuse her order but she growled, giving me a warning. I raised both of my hands, totally surrendering instantly. After all, she is still my Luna and I have to follow her orders. "Fine." I sighed in defeat. I narrowed my eyes giving back my glare to Claude. "Follow me." I turned my back and started to go in the direction where the training gym was located. I even heard Casey clapping her hands and jumping on the ground like a happy kid. I just shook my head in disappointment more to myself.
  • It's very hard to get rid of your mate especially if his sister has the power to manipulate me. I couldn't do anything about it.
  • I felt the presence of Claude behind me. It gives me an illness at ease. I stopped from my tracks, turning my head to him. I found him staring at my back before he lays his eyes on mine. It gives me a giddy feeling because of it. "Would you mind walking beside me? You're not a private to be followed by his commander," I said impatiently.
  • I was starting to feel guilty when he smiled at me sadly and he did what I said. I just ignored that feeling and continued walking together with him.
  • As we went to the training gym, I started touring him around. I told him every inch of what I did every time I trained myself and trained some of the pack members of Alpha Storm who are usually on patrol in the middle of the night. He asked many questions which I found impressive because he was so intrigued about the pack I was living in. I could visibly see in his eyes the captivation of fascinating every time he lays his eyes to me. My heart fluttered seeing his reaction. We acted like we have no conflict regarding the mate thing. We acted like he is my alpha and I am his beta. That is my perception.
  • My senses automatically alerted when I felt a thing coming in my direction. I was about to turn my head to my left side when Claude growled and in a blink of an eye, he was now on my left side and blocked something. I was surprised by his action. He was eager and faster. I looked at his hand and an arrow was on it. My gaze found who the hell was about to shoot me using the arrow.
  • It was my brother, Storm, who was handling a bow. He was with Beta Hance. They were grinning like idiots. Instinctively, I felt Claude's arm encircling in my waist which made my eyes widened.
  • My heart started to thump. I sensed his wolf how protected he was over me.
  • I raised my glance to Claude as he started to growl at my brother, Claude. I know that time that I should calm him or worse, he'll be going to attack out of nowhere. I didn't know but my hand had its mind and it caressed Claude's cheek.
  • I felt him flinched from my touch as he looked at me with his intense glare. I took a sigh before I gave in to his orbs.
  • "It's okay, Claude. Storm usually does that to me. It's a surprise attack." I didn't know again as to where I had the courage to talk like this. Calmly.
  • "Surprise attack? He was about to shoot you with this." He was talking about the arrow he was holding.
  • I shook my head and slowly, I slid off his embrace. I took steps backward. He growled from my action like he was mad at what I did.
  • "You won't understand it. It's a part of training with him. Now, if you act like that again, don't you ever come near me. Excuse me..."
  • I was alerted when he was about to reach me but I turned my back to him. I went forward to where Storm is.
  • I have to bid goodbye. The palace needs my service.
  • Moreover, my so-called vacation is now through.