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Chapter 7 Learning How To Fight

  • “My brother has got to be the most annoying human ever. How could he just sit there and allow me to address those old men who have nothing better to do than try to march their daughter with him because they want more power?”.
  • I looked at Azalea as I scrubbed her back. She was in the bathtub. After returning from her meeting, she sent a guard to call for me. I helped her pull off her gown, and now she was taking her bath. She has been prattling on and on, and by now I knew everything that happened in the meeting.
  • Alpha king Lothar was her cousin brother, and she was not the right Luna. She was just filling in for whosoever it was until Alpha Lothar finds his mate. The old men who made up the council of elders wanted him to pick a chosen mate for himself. They think that he would become weak if he does not find a mate, and they also wanted him to have an heir.
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