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Chapter 6 Memory Loss

  • Ansel and Trinia locked gazes, engaged in a silent staring match. "You know you should apologize for your attitude, Vanessa. You nearly killed me with your powers!" Ansel accused, his glare fixed on Trinia.
  • Trinia scoffed and crossed her arms defiantly. "And you think you don't deserve it?" she retorted, rolling her eyes at him.
  • "Don't you dare roll your eyes at me!" Ansel pointed a warning finger at her. "I am the Alpha King, and as my Luna Queen, you should show me the respect I deserve!" he asserted.
  • Trinia smirked, her mind racing with thoughts about the dream she had. She couldn't understand why Ansel portrayed her as the villain when he was the reason the original body's owner had died. Trinia came to the realization that Ansel might have played a part in the untimely demise.
  • "Why are you staring at me like that?" Ansel frowned, confused by Trinia's changed demeanor. The Vanessa he knew would never meet his gaze, let alone speak back to him.
  • "Well, you don't deserve to hear this, but I apologize for pushing you away. I had no idea I had these powers!" Trinia started, biting her lip as she struggled to explain to Ansel that she didn't belong in his world and make him understand that she was supposed to be dead.
  • "That's your apology?" Ansel furrowed his brow, his eyes filled with a lethal glare. If looks could kill, Trinia would be six feet under. "You used to bow and apologize to me, even when you were never at fault! What the hell has changed about your attitude?" Ansel yelled in frustration.
  • Before Trinia could respond, the Royal physician, Tara, entered the room. "Your Highness," she greeted Ansel, her gaze shifting to a point behind him.
  • Ansel nodded in response, understanding Tara's intention. He walked out of the room, leaving Trinia behind. Once outside, he closed the door behind him and turned to face Tara. "What is it?" he asked, waiting to hear what she had to say.
  • "After conducting several tests and observing her responses, I regret to inform you that the Luna Queen has suffered partial memory loss," Tara revealed.
  • "What?" Ansel couldn't believe what he was hearing. He glanced through the glass door and watched Trinia on her feet, pacing the room while counting her fingers. He had noticed the change in her, but he didn't expect her memory loss to have such a profound impact on her behavior. Vanessa had always been a timid woman who obeyed his every command, but now, he couldn't fathom what she had become. "Have you seen her attitude? Tara, you have served the Royal family since I became king. You know how the Luna Queen used to behave, and now she's become someone else!" Ansel exclaimed, frustration evident in his voice.
  • Tara nodded in agreement. "You're right, Your Highness. I believe she's experiencing impostor syndrome. She believes she is someone else at the moment," she explained, though Ansel didn't appreciate the explanation. He clenched his fists, his expression stoic. He disliked that the woman he despised had become someone he couldn't control.
  • "I need her memory to return. I need her to be herself again. Seeing her like this is unbearable," Ansel muttered, hitting the wall with frustration. He pressed his hand against the doorknob. "Whatever is happening to her, it needs to end," he whispered to himself, then reentered the room.
  • "Yes, Your Highness," Tara replied, following him back inside.
  • "When am I leaving this place?" Trinia asked as Ansel approached her. She quickly stopped her jumping around as soon as she heard the door click. She didn't want to appear foolish in Ansel's presence.
  • "Leaving?" Ansel questioned. "If it weren't for me, you would have died. I saved your life," he stated.
  • Trinia nodded, then sat down on the bed. "Yes, I should be grateful, as you say. But I don't think I should be grateful to someone like you who makes my life unbearable," Trinia blurted out, covering her mouth in surprise. The words had slipped out unintentionally, driven by the haunting dream she had about Vanessa. "Forget what I said," she quickly added, forcing a laugh.
  • "Forget what you said?" Ansel took a step closer, causing Trinia to take a step back until her back hit the bed. Just as she was about to fall, Ansel grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms, her body resting against his chest as his hands encircled her waist.
  • Trinia gulped visibly, her gaze locked with his intense golden eyes. She remained transfixed, not blinking, until Ansel pushed her away. "Perhaps Tara was right about you," Ansel mussed his hair. "I believe you've truly lost your memory," he smirked at her.
  • "What do you mean?" Trinia looked at Tara, who pretended to head for the door. "Halt!" Trinia commanded, reaching out and gripping Tara's hand. She turned Tara around, her voice filled with accusation. "You regard me as nothing, don't you?" she yelled at her.
  • Tara lowered her head quickly. "You misunderstand, Your Highness," she managed to pull her hand from Trinia's grasp. "You need to rest. I'll check on you later," Tara said hastily, exiting the room.
  • "Rest now," Ansel instructed, preparing to leave as well.
  • "What do you mean by 'I've lost my memory'? What are you trying to say?" Trinia questioned him, her voice trembling.
  • Ansel sighed heavily but didn't turn to face her. "Worry about yourself first. Prepare for the upcoming meeting because the clan leaders have been informed of your powers, and they'll be arriving within a week."
  • "I should worry about myself? You mean I should worry about you not killing me?" Trinia's voice wavered.
  • Ansel scoffed and walked out of the room without responding, leaving Trinia behind. "You've truly lost your memory. You never let me touch you in the past," he muttered to himself.
  • "Hey!" Trinia yelled as she walked back to the bed and sat down. She continued shouting, "Where the hell am I? And why is that insufferable man..." She ran her fingers through her hair. "I'm losing my mind," she muttered, closing her eyes. "Breathe, Trinia. Just breathe," she whispered, attempting to calm herself, but it only worsened her anxiety. Trinia was eager to uncover Vanessa's true identity, and when she remembered the green book from her dream, a smile formed on her face. "I just need to find that book," she said, determined.