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R.E.D Red Everlasting Dragon

R.E.D Red Everlasting Dragon


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Red

  • "Gosh... this is really tiring."
  • Arinda, a beautiful woman with short hair in a police uniform suddenly complains in her office.
  • At night, the woman who was only 23 years old and was already a first-rate police inspector felt helpless as she went through all the reports in front of her.
  • "Not finished with unresolved cases, this is another very troublesome case."
  • Picking up the report files on the table, Arinda frowned and muttered, "A house exploded suddenly during the day when everyone was still active but not a single piece of evidence was left behind. there are no eyewitnesses, and there are only reports of a husband and wife who died, and a little girl who went missing."
  • "The incident took place in a densely populated city, but no one noticed, this is really unusual!"
  • Arinda's brows creased even more as she continued to read, and finally just sighed helplessly. "These people are really skilled. Who can do these kinds of things so perfectly?"
  • Taking a deep breath, Arinda, who felt tired and confused, began to massage her forehead, which was starting to hurt, and closed her eyes.
  • Even if Arinda was young, and very agile on an ordinary day, she still couldn't understand at all, and could only hope that some clue would come along.
  • It's just that, her seemed to be careless to the point that he didn't realize that a stranger had entered his room, and was already standing in front of his desk.
  • "Who's he?"
  • One question that sounded immediately made Arinda's body tense, and she spontaneously raised her head.
  • It's just that, when she raised her head and saw who was asking, Arinda felt goosebumps all over her body, and her heart beat faster.
  • Afraid!
  • Well! fear was what Arinda felt when she saw those cold black eyes devoid of emotion, as well as the strange feeling that appeared in the air, and suddenly made her whole body feel cold.
  • The woman didn't know what happened, but when she saw the other party's eyes, she suddenly just wanted to run away.
  • "Y-you...who are you?"
  • Even if Arinda was a police officer and had seen many kinds of delinquents during her duty, she still couldn't help feeling terrified in her heart.
  • Because at this moment, those emotionless eyes, which faintly showed through the long untidy hair and almost covered the entire face of the person in front of him were like the gaze of a wild beast.
  • Correct! Arinda couldn't see his face, but she knew that the person in front of her was a man, and still very dangerous.
  • Even if at this moment the strange man with long hair, and beggar-like clothes looked pitiful, there was an aura of intimidation that overwhelmed Arinda's heart.
  • "The path of Aa Rahmat, no 45. On behalf of the head of the Sundara Family. One little girl disappeared and both of her parents burned to death, who did it?" Still emotionless and expressionless, the man's voice sounded again.
  • "I-i.. m..."
  • For the first time as a police officer, when she heard the man's voice clearly, Arinda's whole body suddenly trembled, and finally she could feel what the feeling of death was.
  • Arinda could barely breathe and move. but somehow, the policewoman suddenly felt the atmosphere around her stabilize, and she was able to breathe again calmly.
  • Taking deep breaths for a few moments to stabilize her emotions, Arinda was finally able to think more clearly and sat back down calmly.
  • Watching this beggar-like person in front of her, Arinda in a forced voice said, "Sir, this is the police station here, and everything that is reported must go through a predetermined protocol."
  • "This master, nights like this come like this, is there anything I can help you with?" Asking this, Arinda actually just tried to keep smiling and said politely despite all the confusion in her heart,
  • Only, the man was still expressionless, and just stood there without a sound at all.
  • He was silent and motionless like a statue, only watching the policewoman in front of him without certainty.
  • In the end, it made the atmosphere tense again.
  • Arinda was completely ignorant and uncomprehending, but as an apparatus of the state, she tried to remain calm, and smiled once more before saying, "Sir, my name is Arinda. I am the only police inspector on duty at the office tonight. If Master has any complaints or whatever, you can--"
  • "Who.... Who did it? What idiot dared to target Sundara? Tell me, who did it?"
  • "Hah?" being stopped and given the same question for the third time, Arinda's police soul rebelled and all the initial fears suddenly disappeared.
  • Ignoring all identities and all, Arinda was angry when she thought that this seemingly crazy person seemed to be playing a trick on her.
  • Placing both hands on the table, and watching the stranger in front of her up and down, with a slightly cold tone Arinda said, "If you have nothing to report, you better get out."
  • "Hmm..."
  • Along with that low but heavy voice full of emphasis, Arinda suddenly felt that there was an extraordinary pressure coming from somewhere, and made the whole room tight.
  • No, not only the room, but also Arinda's heart and breath.
  • It was hard to breathe, and a cold feeling ran through his body.
  • But, Arinda is a police officer and not an ordinary person.
  • Even though his heart and mind were overwhelmed, her still managed to stabilize his stance and slowly lowered his right hand down the table.
  • Holding a gun that had been there from the start, Arinda was determined not to submit to this stranger, and stared at him firmly and coldly without the slightest bit of fear.
  • Two people, a homeless man and a policewoman looked at each other in a tense atmosphere.
  • Neither of them give up.
  • Not knowing how long it had passed, the strange man finally moved his head, and turned his gaze in another direction.
  • Arinda was a little relieved when she saw the man finally gave up and averted her eyes.
  • However, upon knowing where the stranger was looking, anger rose again in his heart.
  • "Tell your boss if "R E D" wants to ask for an explanation."
  • "Huh, what?" Arinda, who was about to speak, was immediately surprised when she heard the order.
  • Order? Isn't this a police station? with his identity, other than his superior, who had the right to give him orders?
  • But, this strange and crazy man was giving himself an order?
  • How dare he?
  • Arinda was angry and suddenly stood up, but when she woke up, she had not seen the stranger just now.
  • What was there now was a silent office room, as well as the view from the office door that was not closed, and presented a scene that made his heart beat again fast.