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Chapter 58

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  • Soon enough it was Thursday. Yazz and I got up early to decide in which mall we would go to buy a dress for me. I needed a beautiful chic dress. I needed to look good on Saturday.
  • "We can still go to central mall." Yazz proposed.
  • "Are you kidding me?? I heard many other girls plan for central mall. I wouldn't want to end up having the same dress as another that day. Yasmin I need something unique. So all those common malls, are out of my list."
  • "Hm, you're right. Lemme get your laptop. Let's see if we can get something really chic online." she said and stood up to go get the laptop.
  • Never had I been so stressed. My mom was out. I stressed because I needed something really unique and out of common.
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