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Chapter 16 It’s No Trouble to Raise Me!

  • After leaving Alexander’s mansion, Britney got into her minivan. “Drive.”
  • As the minivan drove out of the upscale villa area, the driver’s anxious voice was heard inside the car. “Miss Price, there should have been no problem with getting the job done, but we didn’t expect such a tactless hotel manager to pop up.”
  • “It’s okay.” A sinister expression flashed across Britney’s face. “After all, it would’ve been inconvenient if he was simply smashed to death. It’s best to leave Alex with a lingering fear inside him just like this. This way, he will actually consider getting married.”
  • “How about the kid…”
  • “Don’t touch him for now. We’ll have plenty of opportunities in the future.” Britney lowered her head and glanced at the glittering diamond manicure on her fingernails with a nonchalant expression. “I’ll be visiting the hotel over the next few days. Tell the new assistant to prepare more kid-friendly stuff so that I can bring them there.”
  • “Yes, Miss Price.”
  • The conversation went on.
  • Soon, Courtney regained consciousness in severe pain. She moved her numb arms slightly in her sleep, only to feel an excruciating pain that forced her eyes open; her body was also covered in sweat.
  • After opening her eyes, Courtney realized that everything in front of her was pure white in color.
  • “Mommy! Are you awake now?” A familiar and tender voice spoke into her ear. Bending over the edge of her bed, Tina held her uninjured hand. The little girl’s eyes reddened as she said, “You scared me to death, Mommy.”
  • Startled, Courtney tried hard to recall what had happened; she had hurt herself while trying to save someone, and the chandelier had smashed directly on her. This place must be the hospital, she thought to herself.
  • However, why would her daughter be here?
  • “Why are you here, Tina? Have I been sleeping for a long time?”
  • “Of course!” Tina wiped her tears away with a look of indignation. “I had a hard time going to the hotel to give you a surprise, but I was told that you were sent to the hospital when I arrived—I was scared to death.”
  • Courtney was touched upon hearing Tina’s words, but she was sorry at the same time. “I’m sorry for making you worry, sweetheart.”
  • “How can I not worry about you? You’re always telling me to care about myself first before caring about others, yet you risked your life to save someone. What if your head was smashed?” Tina pouted her lips in anger. “I’m still counting on you to raise me! What should I do if you die?”
  • Courtney was initially moved, but she had a lump in her throat upon hearing the last sentence. Staring at this simple-minded daughter of hers speechlessly, she raised her hand and rubbed Tina’s nose despite the pain. “You fool! You only want me to raise you. It’s such a hassle to bring you up.”
  • “It’s no hassle at all!” Tina let out a snort, looking at Courtney with her arms folded across her chest like an adult. “Where else would you be able to find a daughter like me—one who can prepare food, wash the clothes, and do the chores?”
  • “Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re so amazing that I need you to support me.” Courtney couldn’t be bothered to argue with Tina. This little girl grew up with a silver tongue, and Courtney always ended up falling prey to her sophistry whenever they argued.
  • As they were speaking, they heard a knock on the door.
  • “Come in.” Courtney looked at the door puzzledly.
  • “Miss Hunter.” The visitor was a middle-aged man whom Courtney remembered as the butler in charge of looking after the little boy. At this moment, he walked inside with a reverent expression while carrying two large bags full of supplements. “These have been prepared at my Young Master’s instructions. Miss Hunter, since you have suffered a fracture, these supplements can help with the healing process. I was also told by my Young Master to express his gratitude to you; he is very sorry for being unable to wait until you regain consciousness because he had to take Little Master home.”