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Chapter 14 You Don’t Have to Persuade Me on His Behalf

  • “Little Master!”
  • “Miss Hunter!”
  • The exclamations of the panic-stricken crowd outside the door could be heard amid the clatter of the shattering crystal chandelier.
  • At this moment, the crystal chandelier had shattered into countless pieces at the center of the living room, leaving the floor in a mess. Courtney shielded the little boy with one hand while her other hand was badly mangled under the chandelier. She then fainted on the spot from the pain.
  • Just when everyone was panicky and hesitant just now, Courtney dashed from the bedroom door right away without thinking, shielding the little boy who was at the risk of being smashed by the chandelier.
  • The scene was chaotic. Before losing consciousness, Courtney vaguely heard the little boy in her arms uttering a word with a choke in his voice.
  • The word sounded like ‘Mommy’.
  • The scene was in a state of chaos.
  • “Hurry up and call the ambulance to rush Miss Hunter to the hospital!”
  • “Little Master is clutching Miss Hunter’s clothes and unwilling to let go of her. What should we do?”
  • “Take them there together. Who’d look after him if we leave him here? Who can bear the responsibility if something happens to him?”
  • “Alright, alright. Let’s call President Duncan.”
  • The conversation went on.
  • Meanwhile, Alexander, who had just finished signing a contract, was drinking tea alone in a private room in a high-end private clubhouse in Melrose City. He was waiting for his assistant, who was seeing off the company director with whom Alexander had held a discussion on a collaboration.
  • Such a day was the norm in his life.
  • “Alexander.” A lady’s sweet voice rang.
  • Upon hearing this voice, Alexander looked back with an unnoticeable frown.
  • A tall lady, who had just lifted the private room’s curtain, looked pleasantly surprised at the sight of him. She walked inside, saying, “It really is you. It so happened that I have just finished having a meeting about an endorsement deal. Jason saw your assistant sending people out just now, so I wondered if you were here.”
  • “Uh-huh,” mumbled Alexander nonchalantly as a reply.
  • “I have just visited Grandpa a few days ago.” Britney Price sat down across from him while carefully studying his expression. Seeing that he didn’t respond to the word ‘Grandpa’, she continued speaking. “Grandpa said that there’d always be instances where you can’t look after Jordan seeing that you’re raising him all by yourself. He’s worried that the maids aren’t dutiful enough, so it seems that he wants to ask if you’d like to consider sending Jordan back to him.”
  • Alexander’s expression darkened at her words. “I’m afraid that it’s more dangerous to send Jordan back than to keep him by my side. You don’t have to persuade me on his behalf.”
  • “I’m not here to persuade you on his behalf. I was just bringing it up casually, but that also happened to be what Grandpa was thinking.” Britney smiled. Then, she explained calmly, “Actually, Grandpa also said he hoped that you could find someone who would do her utmost to look after Jordan and attend to him as soon as possible. This way, you can have peace of mind when you’re away from home.”
  • Alexander refrained from commenting on her words. As they were conversing, his assistant hurriedly walked inside. “President Duncan...”
  • Seeing that Britney was also present, he was startled for a while.
  • “What’s the matter?” asked Alexander.
  • “Oh!” The assistant came to his senses. He uttered urgently, “The hotel has called just now to say that Little Master has met with an accident. The crystal chandelier in the suite has fallen down.”
  • A venomous look flashed across Britney’s eyes when she heard this, but the look vanished soon after that.
  • On the other hand, Alexander’s expression clouded over, and a trace of anxiety flashed across his usually emotionless eyes. He immediately got up from his seat before asking in a cold voice, “How is Jordan?”
  • “Don’t worry, President Duncan,” Josh replied. “A staff member of the hotel rescued Little Master in time, so he wasn’t injured. I was told that he insisted on going to the hospital along with the staff member.”
  • Upon hearing his words, Alexander immediately got ready to leave.
  • Glancing at Alexander’s suit jacket on the clothes stand, Britney hurriedly picked it up and caught up with him. “I’ll go with you, Alex.”