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Chapter 12 I’m Not Close With Director Hart

  • At Zion Club, Myra finally found Estelle, who was sneakily hiding at the corner of the hall, with the waiter’s help.
  • When Myra walked over, Estelle was in the midst of pouring a glass of lemon juice into her champagne in boredom. She constantly lifted her head to look at a corridor that was near to her seat.
  • “What are you looking at?”
  • Myra pulled the chair next to her. It was after she sat down that she finally felt that her dizziness had slightly subsided.
  • Upon seeing her, Estelle’s eyes immediately brightened. She waved to Myra and lowered her voice as she excitedly asked, “Do you know the third son of the Hart Family?”
  • Myra clearly knew what she meant. However, since she was not feeling well, she was not quite enthusiastic about it. Instead, she calmly reminded Estelle, “Estelle, it hasn’t even been a week since you broke up with your ex-boyfriend.”
  • “Well, at least we broke up!” Estelle slapped her thighs and rolled her eyes at Myra while being slightly annoyed by the reminder. After that, she could not resist herself from speaking further. “Let me tell you this—I’m being serious this time! The other day, I saw him at the City Hall. He was in a white shirt and black suit. Even though the mixture of colors were dull, they looked elegant on him and made him look like an angel! I’m pretty sure that he’s definitely a gentleman! Every action of his makes me fall for him so much... Myra, I must catch his attention and marry him!”
  • “The men whom you want to marry can already arrive at your house if they start lining up from here.” Myra merely took a sip of the lemon juice and she did not take Estelle’s words seriously.
  • Myra’s childhood friend, Estelle Langley, was the queen of rumors in the entertainment industry. She treated men as if they were disposable and her level of experience in relationships was completely opposite of Myra. However, every time she fell for a man, she would be determined to marry him. Obviously, that had not worked out well since she was still single.
  • “Myra, you always criticize me each time. No wonder my relationships haven’t been going well.” Estelle's face fell as she flashed the award-winning acting skill that nailed her a Golden Globe for Best Actress.
  • Tears immediately swam in Estelle’s eyes; when they were about to slide down her cheeks, Myra pinched her forehead with a troubled look on her face. “Alright, I support your attempt to date him. Do your best! I believe you can do it!”
  • “You are the best! So, can you please get Shawn’s phone number for me?” A bright smile immediately blossomed on Estelle’s face. It was that exact face, which stunned everyone including men and women on top of the young and old, that made her invincible in both the entertainment industry and among men.
  • Upon hearing that, Myra immediately frowned. “Shawn Hart? The third son of the Hart Family? I don’t know him.”
  • “Hehe! You don’t know him, but you know the fourth son of the Hart Family—Young Master Tony. My brother saw you two in a discussion over a meal at the Ritz Carlton yesterday. Have you been doing business with him recently? Just help me to ask for his brother’s phone number, Myra!”
  • Ask Director Hart? Tony’s indifferent face and his apathetic eyes instantly appeared in Myra’s thoughts. By just thinking about it, she thought it was impossible, so she shook her head. “I’m not close with Director Hart at all. I've only talked to him once.” And I didn’t leave a good impression on that man.
  • Estelle’s expression immediately changed as she was on the verge of crying. “Myra, you just said that you will support me. This is only a small favor from me, yet you keep rejecting me...”
  • “Okay, okay. I’ll see what I can do.” Unable to withstand her pitiful expression, Myra succumbed to her friend’s acting skills again. “But I can’t promise you that I can get it.”
  • “No problem! It’s enough as long as you try asking for it!” Estelle’s expression suddenly switched from sad to exuberance again. Suddenly, she saw something from the corner of her eyes, which caused her to become so agitated that she instantly rose from the chair. Then, she quickly spoke to Myra. “Initially, I planned to talk to you about Sean, but I don’t have the time now. I’ll ask you out some time later! Don’t worry, I already know about Eris and I’ve punished her on your behalf. She can’t stay in show business for the rest of her life now!”
  • When Estelle said those words, her eyes continued to shoot glances at another corner of the hall. When she did not get any response from Myra, she quickly turned to glare at the latter. Myra was stunned upon hearing Estelle’s words.
  • “You are an idiot!” Estelle reprimanded in a pained voice. “What’s good about Sean? I’ve already changed two dozen boyfriends, yet you still haven’t divorced him! Myra, how long are you planning to be stuck in a loveless marriage?”
  • With that, Estelle stomped her foot on the ground and she quickly walked toward a group of people who just exited from a private room.
  • Seeing her brave and cheerful figure, Myra felt even more dizzy. She looked at the glass of lemon juice in front of her in a daze as she thought, If only I’m like Estelle—she is able to break up as if it’s nothing and quickly be involved in another relationship.