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Chapter 157 Too Tired

  • Colors drained from Vivian’s face at once.
  • She knew that she was drugged last night, and she had been wondering who was the culprit ever since. Judging from the smirk on Ashley’s face, it did not take her long to associate the incident with her.
  • Despite feeling infuriated, she did not treat Ashley too harshly for the sake of their kinship. At last, she only confronted her in an icy voice, “Ashley Miller, you’d better come clean about the thing you did last night.”
  • Ashley’s eyes were laden with hatred when she stared at Vivian.
  • As she had always been enjoying a sense of superiority over Vivian, there was no way she could be overwhelmed by her.
  • “What did I do last night? I’m speaking nothing but the truth, and you should know what you did last night. I can’t believe you still have the audacity to criticize me after having a fling with some random guy as a married woman!” Ashley raised her voice, feeling agitated. She was making full use of the chance to vent her frustration after being ignored by Fabian that morning.
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