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My Quadruplets Father is a Mafia Boss

My Quadruplets Father is a Mafia Boss


Update: 2022-05-06

Chapter 1: She’s in Pain

  • (Charm Pov)
  • I am here now in the old warehouse, crying and very hungry because my husband locked me up again, for a sin I did not commit.
  • I made several calls and shouts, but no one dared to open me up because I knew they were afraid of my husband.
  • I was tired of sitting on this dirty floor and just sobbed. I was here yesterday and no one even gave me food, not even anything to drink.
  • I was tired, exhausted but I could do nothing but endure all this, all the suffering I am experiencing now.
  • I didn’t want this life, I was just forced to marry the man I never thought I would love, more than my life. But the pain is that someone else loves it and it’s not me. I close my eyes because I feel tired.
  • “I love you so much, Kibb even if you hurt me over and over again, even if you crush my heart very fine, I will love and still love you. Even if they call me a martyr, I don’t care as long as all I know is that I love you very much. ” I whispered weakly in the air with a bitter smile and fell asleep due to fatigue.
  • I woke up because of the ray hitting my face. I slowly opened my eyes and saw that I was already in the room.
  • Suddenly I sat up in shock. I rolled my gaze across the interior. This is my room, my only room because we are different from Kibb’s room and he doesn’t want to be next to me or even see me.
  • I was out of breath and was about to stand up when I felt dizzy so I sat down again.
  • I turned my gaze to the person who entered my room.
  • “It’s good that you’re awake now.”, He said smiling, one of my husband‘s friends.
  • I just looked at him seriously, as he examined my entire body with his eyes
  • “I’m the one who brought you here.”, He added with a smile, he approached me and sat next to me.
  • I swallowed and looked away.
  • “Thank you.”, I whispered softly here and then bowed.
  • I heard his sigh.
  • “Are you okay now?”, He asked gently, I looked up and looked into his eyes.
  • I looked at it and then averted my eyes.
  • “W-where‘s Kibb?”, I asked hesitantly while the gaze was just below.
  • He sighed and then messed up my hair, so I turned my gaze to him.
  • Why is so unfair? His friend was even more worried about me, but he wasn’t even able to visit me.
  • “I know you love him so much, but Charm! Know your worth. Isn’t it enough for you, that he doesn’t love you? What else should you see or feel, before you think of yourself? For once charm, please think yourself first, because you look miserable, you look desperate in front of him. Your beautiful charm, outside and inside everyone knows that. This is all I can say as your older brother here, Kibb doesn’t deserve your love and sacrifice. ”, He said seriously while looking into my eyes
  • Little did I know that tears were streaming down my eyes one by one. He rubbed it with his fingers so I hugged him.
  • I feel that he hugged me back which made me cry.
  • “I can’t, I love him. I really love him even if someone else loves him. We cannot tell the heart who we love. I love him even though I look desperate, I just want him to love me at least once, that I can feel his love for me as much as I love him. ”, I said in tears.
  • It hurts so much, it breaks my heart every time I think that I’m not the one he loves, that I’m just garbage in his eyes.
  • Yes, we are married, but what he always imprints in my heart and mind is that we are only married on paper and he will never love me.
  • I am even more hurt by the thoughts I have, by the memories I crush so much.
  • I felt Chris caress my back. Somehow his friend Chris Maximo was still there next to me. He always helps and take care of me whenever my husband drives me away like an animal.
  • He was always there by my side, he had been my older brother for the three years I had endured in my husband’s mansion. He was very kind to me and he always defended me to my husband whenever he hurt me.
  • The woman he will love is very lucky because she is kind and caring, yet handsome. Chris and I were in that position when someone suddenly kicked my bedroom door, so we turned our gaze to it.
  • I quickly let go of the hug when I saw Kibb looking at us without emotion.
  • I stood up and was about to approach him when he looked at me badly.
  • “Don’t you dare.”, He threatened me, so I stopped.
  • “That’s not wh—.”, I didn’t finish what I was going to say when he spoke, which made me even more crushed.
  • “I don’t care of you slut, just shut the fuck up. I just want to talk Chris. ”, He said coldly, so I bowed.
  • I bit my lip so hard and stopped my tears from flowing.
  • “What?” Chris asked coldly here, I feel that he approached next to me.
  • “In my office.”, Kibb said coldly and then left without looking at me.
  • I felt Chris pat me lightly, so I lifted my gaze to him and looked at him.
  • He looked at me with a smile on his lips so I sparingly smiled at him.
  • “Don’t pay any attention to him.” He said with a smile, so I bowed down.
  • Whatever I do I can’t afford to ignore him. I love him and I can’t afford to lose him.
  • “I need to leave, just don’t worry about him. Rest first so that your wounds heal.” He said and left.
  • I looked up and followed him. I just smiled bitterly and went to my bed.