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Chapter 17 Bad News

  • “I mean, you must have dated many beautiful, gorgeous, sexy women in the past, maybe some Victoria’s Secret Models too. So, it’s possible you found someone attractive at the party and kissed her. Why Mishka’s words are ringing in my head nonstop? Why it seems familiar, like I have heard this before?” Christian asked himself, closing his eyes, and images of last night flooded into his mind, and he tried to remember what exactly happened last night.
  • “I sat on her bed, then she came and switched on the lights; I asked her sit beside me and then when she didn’t agree, I pulled her towards me, holding her elbow, and she landed straight on me and then I kissed her. Fuck, I kissed her. I kissed Mishka, but why she lied to me when I asked her.” Christian recalled the details. Number of questions wandered in his head, and he held his face in his hand, feeling completely disoriented.
  • “Come on, Mishka, you can do it!” He heard Daniel cheering for Mishka and he walked to the window to take. Christian removed the curtains and found Daniel playing basketball with Mishka. They both were having a great time bonding with each other, but then Jake came into the picture, and Christian’s cold eyes stared at him as he came close behind Mishka to take the ball from her. Others might think that they were just playing, but Christian knew what Jake’s intentions were.
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