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Chapter 9 Signing a Contract

  • Antonia Traver's POV
  • "How much do you think I earn in a night?"
  • He leaned against the couch and swirled his wine as he looked at me with steady eyes. "What if I don't get any business?"
  • "Based on your appearance, if you try hard enough, I'm pretty sure you have the potential to be the top male escort here at Twilight Bar."
  • I couldn't stop myself from studying his figure. My eyes lingered on his crotch as memories of that frenzied night flooded in. His stamina and his skills were both far too good to be true…
  • "I've heard that a regular male escort earns five to six hundred per session, with upwards of ten to twelve hundred for the whole night. I'm sure you'll earn at least twelve hundred a night."
  • "So what you're saying is I just need to give you six hundred every night?" His smirk deepened. "You're easy to please."
  • "That's not what I meant!" I retorted at once. "I said at least! That's the minimum! You need to give me at least six hundred each night, and to make up for the mistake you made back then, you need to put your back into it and earn more money for me. Got it?"
  • "Money's no object," the man drawled lazily, but he continued in puzzlement, "However, how did you recognize me?"
  • "From your wolf head tattoo on the back of your neck, of course. Are you trying to pretend like that's common?" I was afraid that he might try to weasel his way out of this.
  • "So you didn't know what I looked like?" He stared so fixedly at me that I felt goosebumps all over.
  • "Who the hell would know what you looked like," I snapped. "I was drunk as a skunk that night and I couldn't even see your face properly."
  • He took a sip of wine and smiled without saying anything.
  • "Don't even think about worming your way out of this. I can always approach the manager of the bar and lodge a complaint about you," I added quickly.
  • I took a piece of paper and a pen out from my bag to scribble a simple agreement.
  • "Here. It's all stated clearly in this agreement. From today onward, for the next three months, you'll have to give me at least half of your daily earnings as compensation. This will take effect once you sign your name and stamp your fingerprint on it!"
  • I stuffed the pen into his hands…
  • "Am I the only male escort you sought out?"
  • He quirked his eyebrows and probed, "Don't tell me you have an entire pile of such agreements."
  • "Bugger off. Do you think I like hanging out with male escorts? That was just an accident. You're the only man I ever slept with!"
  • I let it all out in a fit of rage, but as soon as I finished, my face turned bright red.
  • The man's lips curved up ever so slightly as he signed the agreement, but his signature looked like a bunch of strange, wriggly lines and I couldn't tell what he wrote.
  • I thought that wouldn't be enough to hold up in court, so I grabbed his hand and bit down hard on his thumb. Once the blood started oozing out, I immediately pressed his thumb down on the paper.
  • "Excellent!" My mood soared once I saw that the contract was now in effect. "Since we've come to an agreement, you better not go back on it. Start off by giving me half of your income today!"
  • "I haven't taken any clients today. There's no income to speak of."
  • He pulled me into his arms in one swift motion and circled his arm around my waist as his sensuous lips caressed my face. Then, he murmured into my ear, "Why don't you be my first? I'll give you half off…"
  • Elijah Stone's POV
  • I never expected this woman to recognize me from my “tattoo”.
  • Since she didn't know what I looked like, things were going to get a lot more interesting now.
  • At my company, she was my employee and I was her boss, but now she mistook me for a male escort working at Twilight Bar. What was even more ridiculous was that she and I signed a moronic contract, and according to this contract, I owed her a debt.
  • I knew that it was incredibly childish of me, but my life had been too boring for too long. I decided to play along with this little game of hers.
  • She was a money-grubber, alright. She started asking me for money as soon as we signed the contract. I felt like it was time for me to give her a small punishment.
  • My actions took her by surprise. She became nervous and tried to wrestle out of my grasp. I held her down as I kissed her earlobe. Her body began to tremble ever so slightly. My lips left a trail of kisses on her face. At last, I sucked on her pair of soft, delectable lips.
  • The sweetness of her pillowy lips made me excited.
  • But she was fully conscious of what was happening and wasn't interested in getting it on with me. Forcing myself on a woman wasn't a gentlemanly thing to do.