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My Husband is a Male Escort

My Husband is a Male Escort

Rosemary Dickinson

Last update: 2022-11-30

Chapter 1 Wild Night

  • Antonia Traver's POV
  • I found myself lying on a bed, my body seemingly on fire.
  • It was a dark room, and there was no way to find out where I was. Heck, I had no idea why I was here. The rising temperature in my body was keeping me from forming a single rational thought. All I knew was I needed a man. That's correct; I needed a man to make intense love to me.
  • The thought alone shocked me. Wait, I shouldn't even have this thought. I've never slept with anyone before. The sliver of sanity in my mind suppressed my burning desire to have sex.
  • Oh yeah, I remembered the reason now. It was supposed to be my engagement party, but Oliver's mother canceled the marriage smack dead in the middle of the event. I had no idea why she did that, but what infuriated me was Oliver twiddled thumbs to stop her. As a result, I fled the scene in humiliation and embarrassment.
  • Anna, my cousin, caught up to me. We came to Twilight Bar where I continued to drink while cursing Oliver's weakness.
  • Anna told me Oliver was on his way, and what I should do was get a male escort and pretend to flirt with him. She said this would show Oliver what he did was wrong.
  • All the alcohol got to my brain and made it sluggish. Before I knew what Anna meant, she had already brought me to this room.
  • Flames of desire kept flaring up within me. It was too late, yet I knew what Anna had done. She must have spiked my drink!
  • Did she already have someone arranged? No, I can't let that happen. That dumb b*tch! All I did was get into a fight with Oliver. It doesn't mean I want to betray him. What's more, I'm still a virgin. I'm not about to let some stranger take my first time away.
  • Try as I might, I couldn't get up as my body wouldn't listen to me. The sliver of sanity I had left was slowly slipping away and robbing me of any rational thought.
  • Then, the door opened. I saw a towering silhouette approaching me. A man. The smell of pheromones coming from him was stoking my desire even further. I started squirming and wriggling in an attempt to have sex with him. There was a pair of hands touching me and I felt it relieving me of my pain.
  • Ah, my savior. Tightly, I held his hands and pulled them to my chest. The man tore my clothes off without hesitation, and I shivered the moment he touched me. I had never felt so ecstatic before in my life.
  • I held him tightly. The man was obviously strong and muscular, but just like water, he gently doused the fire of desire within me, but it wasn't enough. I needed more. I yearned for more.
  • I could feel him taking off my pants, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. Our lips pressed against each other, and just like me, he too was engulfed by the fire of desire. He was trying to find relief, and my lips became one of those avenues. Fiercely, he pried them open, and I felt his tongue dancing with mine. A moan tried to escape my throat, but it failed, just like how I failed to resist him.
  • It didn't take long until our naked bodies were one with each other. Silver moonlight shone on him, and I saw a perfectly sculpted figure of a man before me. Oh, the joy of seeing a beauty like that was irresistible.
  • My legs were wrapped around his waist, and I could feel him entering me.
  • The place where we were joined as one was wet and almost burning. The pain was searing, but thanks to the aphrodisiac, it eventually faded and was replaced by contentment and ecstasy. I had no idea sex could be so wonderful as I screamed in pleasure.
  • Like a beast, the man ravaged me the whole night endlessly. His vigor knew no bounds.
  • He railed me seven times the whole night, and in different positions too. I could feel him taking me to heaven every time. He held me tightly in his embrace as his fluids filled me up. I could feel our souls at that very moment, and they were trembling.
  • Finally, exhaustion washed over me. My eyelids felt like they weighed a ton, and sleep would claim me in a moment. However, before I closed my eyes, I wished to see him once more. Alas, I couldn't get a glimpse of his face.
  • Satisfied, he left me, got off the bed and walked toward the window. I saw the tattoo of a wolf's head on the back of his waist. Then I fell asleep.
  • Elijah Stone's POV
  • My men and I were hunting down the branch of a mafia today. One of them had killed an official my family was protecting, and that official had some documents that were important to us. The enemy set me up, and I walked into their trap. Eventually, I escaped to Twilight Bar and was separated from my men. It was here I hid in a room.
  • The enemy probably lathered an aphrodisiac all over the weapon they attacked me with. Either that or they pulled a trick that made me desire a woman. Nay, I was forced to succumb to my needs. Fortunately, there was a lady right in front of me, and she looked delicious.
  • I was already having a raging boner when the aphrodisiac struck, but now it felt like my junk would burst.
  • I approached the woman, but when I touched her, my heart stopped for a moment, and electricity coursed through me. And then I just couldn't stop. She just felt so delicious, so magical. I just couldn't stop making love to her.
  • For some reason, however, I started coming up with dumb questions about this woman.
  • The bar was a… peculiar place. It was a place for the release of desire for so many mortals who had suppressed them. So, why is she here? Maybe she hired a male escort, and I got the wrong room. Is she that open? But I think that was her first time having sex with a guy.
  • I had a lot of questions but no answers. And so I tossed those questions away in favor of enjoyment.
  • We went at it the whole night, only stopping when both of us were exhausted. That was when I knew it was time to leave.
  • She seemed to have fallen asleep. I came to the window and got out of this place.
  • I needed to forget about that woman for now so I could settle our business with the mafia. She could wait until the danger had passed. I could seek her out as long as I wanted to, but I never knew that my reunion with that woman would only happen years and years in the future.