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Chapter 4 It Will Be Too Late

  • The time of the night was lively, the nightlife was just beginning. The big lounge on the second floor was spacious and had a great view, one could see the entire bar and the dance floor on the first floor. Men and women were dancing recklessly around in the red and green lights. At the end of the high-end bar, Nathan and his three friends seated themselves, conversing merrily. “So, Nathan, how are things moving with you and Mandy?” Joshua, Nathan's closest friend, raised a question with a deep smirk embedded at the corner of his mouth. “Whoa, man. Tell us something we don't know. Does Nathan have a serious relationship with a babe now?” Micheal asked ambiguously, looking at Nathan up and down, bit by bit. Readjusting on his seat, “Yes, guys. This Mandy girl sure has preoccupied our dear Nathan's heart, that he doesn't have the time to fuck around anymore” Joshua affirmed, winking at Nathan, who only grinned as he continuously swirled his glass of wine around in his hand. “Whoa…” Michael and the last guy, Scott, uttered, deliberately pulling the sound long, making it feel uncomfortable. They couldn't help but think in their minds, since when a fuckboy like Nathan becomes serious with a lady. “Come on, man, tell us something about her already” Scott beamed, with his brows put up and Micheal just nodded directly as they both peered into his face in anticipation of answers.
  • The corners of Nathan's mouth were curled into a smile all this while, and his eyes twinkled with impish charm as the light reflected in them. He put his glass of wine under his nose and smelled it lightly, it was fragrance and elegant, without any strong alcohol. “Her moans were just like a pig cries in my ears” He began in a soft yet husky voice, “Her pussy was as wide as a swimming pool and even her boobs were so little that I could barely suck on them” He purposely paused to study his friends' expression, they were looking so shocked already, so shocked they were that they didn't realize their jaw had dropped open. However, his smile remained undiminished, and then he continued, “So with these reasons put together, I broke up with her this morning” He concluded, bringing the glass to his lips and then sipped at it. “Come on, Nathan. That was huge, man” Joshua was the first person to talk, the expression on his face shows that he was never in support of what Nathan has done. Scott and Micheal exchanged a glance, “I thought you've met this girl, Josh, isn't she pretty?” Micheal interrogated, feeling bad for Mandy inwardly, even though he hadn't met her before. In his opinion, Nathan was becoming more and more unruly recently. Can he ever change his ways? “She's so pretty, Mic. And believe me, I had thought he was going to be serious with her, judging from the length he had gone through before he could access her” Joshua reviewed with a sigh, a touch of disappointment flashing across his face. During this whole ordeal, Nathan was only playing with the jade in his hand as he listened to his friends, “She has just got a pretty face, guys, she's so cheap. And speaking of beauty, you all need to meet her friend, Daniella. Guys, her beautiful eyes could bring anyone she laid her eyes on to their doom” His eyes gleamed as he talked to his friends, who had lost interest in exchanging words with him now. Suddenly, they were enveloped by the shadow of a petite figure. “Really, Nathan? Am I that pretty?” came the voice from the shadow?
  • The light was behind her, so the outline of her face shone brightly, with her face covered in shadows. Walking step by step in a calm, yet haphazard manner. Daniella got to their table and dragged a seat backward, then sat down. She picked up the glass of wine in front of Nathan, staring at the content intently, “Continue, Nathan. I'm really enjoying your observations about my best friend. So continue, please” Her words became more presumptuous, as she continued to pretend not to have seen Nathan's friend's gazes. They were lost staring at Daniella's impeccable face that they didn't realize salivary was almost dripping from their mouths. “Pinch me, Josh. Is this beauty really sitting before us now?” Micheal muttered in a dreamlike state to Joshua's hearing, since they were both sitting next to each other. Joshua was too lazy to react to Michael's words, as he was also busy watching every part of Daniella's beautiful face. Meanwhile, Nathan was already brimmed with uneasiness at this moment, avoiding Daniella's gaze at all cost. Curling her fist on the table, the calmer she looked, the more all the muscles on her body tightened. “I'm waiting, Nathan” There was no smile on her face, only endless cold. Nathan parted his lips, but he couldn't utter any sound. Unexpectedly, Daniella gulped the whole content in the glass at once then got on her feet abruptly, *Smack* the pieces of the glass shattered everywhere immediately, “You son of a bitch!" She roared in a menacing voice, clasping Nathan's clothing, and making him rise to his feet, effortlessly. “You bastard, I warned you, didn't I? She scowled in a raised voice, sending a hard slap across his face, completely ignoring the liquid that was flowing down from his forehead. By this time, Nathan's friends were now standing on their feet, stunned by Daniella's violent attitude. They obviously didn't know how to save their friend from Daniella's grip, taking note of the number of glass that was still on the table. “Answer me, didn't I warn you not to dare break up with, Mandy? Answer me, you fool” She sent a punch to his rib this time then threw him off. Falling to the floor like a parabola, Nathan could only groan in anguish as he covered his head with his palm, in an attempt to stop the blood from oozing. “Please, don't… kill me” He pleaded in an extremely trembling low voice, shrinking to the end of the bar. Daniella's eyes became redder and seemed to fill with chilling anger. Glaring at him coldly as if she wanted to freeze him, she went over and kicked his stomach severally and stopped at once, crouching and looking at him with an undisguised disgust, “If I should ever see you around my friend again, then I'll kill you with my own bare hands, I promise you” She warned ferociously, stood up again then stormed off. As soon as Daniella was out of sight, Nathan's friends quickly rushed over to where their friend was lying lifelessly, and they couldn't help but feel compassion toward him. Together, they made him get on his feet, but he passed out directly. Oops!
  • Setting her foot into the quiet living room, Daniella took two breaths to rein in her anger and calm herself down. “Hi, Daniella,” A servant who was familiar with Daniella, greeted her warmly. “Hey, there. Where's Mandy?” She asked immediately, “She's up in her room” Daniella nodded directly and took the stairs up to Mandy's room. Unlocking the door and walking inside, Daniella became fraught with worry at how flushed her friend's face was, as if on fire. “Mandy?” “Ella?” They both called out simultaneously. Daniella hurried to where Mandy was sitting on the bed and pulled her into her warm embrace, stroking from her head to back. Tears pooled into Mandy's eyes as she whimpered loudly in her friend's chest. “What have I done to deserve this, Ella? Please tell me. What else do I need to do for me to gain a genuine love?” She choked on sobs as her shoulders trembled. Daniella's eyes too were now swimming with tears, “Please stop crying babe, he doesn't worth any of your tears” Her voice was soaked with despair as she said her words persuasively. “Lucas, Cole, Henry, Mack, Peter, and now, Nathan” Mandy choked on each word she spelled then burst into a fresh wave of tears, the more she cried, the more her shoulders trembled violently. Daniella suddenly clutched her fingers to a fist as she felt bitter and grieved in her heart as if she had gulped down a cup of broadleaf holly leaf tea, mixed with vinegar. It was at this moment she regretted why she hadn't killed Nathan right then when she had the chance to. Unlocking from the embrace and framing Mandy's jaw in her slender hands, "Look at me, babe. See, you're the most beautiful and kind-hearted lady any guy in his right senses would definitely kill just to possess. So, I'm sure those you mentioned now are lunatic, and the right one for you is coming soon” Daniella advised, looking straight into Mandy's eyes. “Believe me, babe, these people will surely come back for you after they realized they had lost a gem. But by then, it would be too late” She concluded, wiping off the tears on Mandy's cheek. Instantly, a trace of smile appeared on Mandy's face as she hauled her friend's into her chest, “You're the best, Ella” She acclaimed in a high-pitch voice. Seemingly, her bad mood was now long gone. Daniella couldn't be less happy, “Now come on, Mandy. Let's party” She winked cutely, patting Mandy's cheek gently to cheer her up. “Yeah, babe. I like the sound of that,” Right after Mandy completed her words, she made to jump out of her bed when her cellphone suddenly buzzes on the nightstand. Peeking at the phone, she pursued her lips at the caller ID then sneaked a glance at Daniella, who had put forward her brows, “It's your Dad calling, Ella”