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Chapter 651 : A Familiar Feeling

  • Auntie was puzzled. When did a man come to the house? And why were he and Miss Shao pulling and tugging at each other? Auntie was an outsider, so she didn't feel it was appropriate to say anything. Maybe he's Miss Shao's friend! Huanhuan was also confused. She had no idea who this uncle was or why he was here. Seeing the two of them standing there, Shao Xiaodie was also at a loss. But luckily, she quickly reacted and said, "Auntie, you and Huanhuan can go out. This is my friend, we have something to talk about." Shao Xiaodie said calmly. Auntie nodded, realizing that he was indeed Miss Shao's friend, so there was nothing to worry about. She had just met him and was a little concerned. Since that was the case, she could go and cook in peace. After Auntie left, Shao Xiaodie asked Huanhuan to go play in the toy room by herself. When Xiao Peng saw Huanhuan, he felt a sense of familiarity. This little girl looked a lot like Shao Xiaodie and was very cute. He looked at Huanhuan and asked, "Is that little girl your daughter? She's very cute." Hearing Xiao Peng's words, Shao Xiaodie became nervous, afraid that he would have ill intentions towards Huanhuan. She quickly said, "What's it to you?" "Don't be so sensitive, I'm just saying, the little girl looks like you, she's very pretty." Xiao Peng praised again. It was strange, why did he have a faint feeling of familiarity with the little girl? But this was their first meeting, right? Soon, Xiao Peng figured it out. It was because the child looked like Shao Xiaodie that he felt familiar. "Shut up, you better leave now." Shao Xiaodie wanted to push him out the door. "Give me money, and I'll leave right away." Xiao Peng didn't give up on his purpose for coming here. He came for money after all. Seeing Auntie in the kitchen occasionally looking over and worried that Huanhuan might suddenly rush out, Shao Xiaodie reluctantly gave him 5000 yuan. Xiao Peng looked at the stack of money and felt delighted. Shao Xiaodie was indeed rich, and she was becoming more generous each time. It seemed that he didn't have to worry in the future. He took the money and put it in his pocket. "It would have been better if you had been this sensible from the beginning. It's not a lot, but it can sustain me for a while. Don't worry, I'll spend it slowly." Xiao Peng said with a smile. "Get lost!" Shao Xiaodie didn't want to say another word. Even if she told him not to come, Xiao Peng, this scoundrel, would definitely come again. She had already guessed that, so she didn't bother saying anything. But she had a plan for the next time he came. She would definitely call the police. Without hesitation! Dealing with such a person required fighting fire with fire. She couldn't let him succeed. Shao Xiaodie thought fiercely. "Don't be so heartless! Alright, I won't disturb your harmonious family anymore. Give my regards to your husband, and I hope we have a chance to meet." Xiao Peng said playfully, which Shao Xiaodie found extremely annoying. Shao Xiaodie didn't even look at him and turned her face away. Xiao Peng didn't mind. Shao Xiaodie's reaction was completely within his expectations. He wasn't angry at all and left. It was only when he walked out of his own house that Shao Xiaodie looked over, but her gaze was filled with hatred. How could she not be angry at such a person? But she really had no way to stop him from coming. She couldn't move just because of this. Where would she go? Maybe this demon would keep an eye on her every day? She and Huanhuan were already used to living here and couldn't move for now. Besides, if she insisted on moving, Fei Fan would probably suspect something. This was his brother's house, and he definitely wanted them to live here. So Shao Xiaodie had to think of another solution.
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