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Chapter 6 Fun?!

  • Rishi's PoV
  • I have an office room in my room. The big mirror on the right-side wall is my room! The  entrance to it lies within the dressing room. It will look just like a wardrobe door! Initially it was made to be a walk-in closet. But I needed a secluded place for my office set up so I remodeled it to be my office room. And the fun part is, I can see my bedroom through the mirror from inside my office room!
  • When I was working on my client’s requirements, I heard a knock. I looked at the time. It was 9.30. I usually will never lock the door. So, I thought of going in after finishing the work in hand, which will hardly take 5minutes. 
  • After a minute I heard a loud knock. Then she opened the door and peeped in to see. She rolled her eyes inside the room and slowly came in and closed the door. She looked so lovely! The pink silk saree is doing magic on her already enhanced beauty. She slowly came in and put the glass of milk on the table and scanned the room again! 
  • It was fun watching her. She looks so scared. She then sat on the edge of the bed and started fumbling with her fingers. I decided to wait and see what she is going to do. I love seeing her. She is so little that she barely reaches my chest. She is not a skinny girl! She is not plump either! She has everything in the right place with the right size! A sexily curvy girl! Her lips are the most inviting thing on her. Her lower lip is slightly plump than her upper lip and they are ravishingly pink which complements her fair white skin.
  • What? It's 10 o'clock already?! I have been looking at her without her knowing for half an hour?! That’s so not me. I have never seen Smirthi like this. Nevertheless, Smirthi is a beautiful girl. I decided to walk out and tell her what I have been practicing for the whole day. But then I saw her stand up and walk to the cupboard in front of the bed. So, I waited to see her next move. 
  • She started surfing my clothes and took a T-shirt And pants. She stood still for a moment! Maybe she would have thought of taking my permission. Then she went near the bed again with my clothes and started removing her jewels. My mind ordered me to go out and talk to her. When I took a step, she started to remove her saree. Wow! She is my wife and there's no wrong in seeing her. My heart and mind were fighting with each other and as I am not a very good boy, I wanted to see what she was hiding behind that saree! Yeah! You can call me a pervert! But hey, she is my wife!
  • I finally decided to stay in the room, but she stopped what she was doing and looked around the room again. A wave of guilt struck me in my heart. What have I been doing? It's totally wrong. I am losing all my moral values.
  • She took my clothes and started walking towards the dressing room. She opened it and went in. I took a deep breath and decided to stay in and go out when she is out in the room again. After some time, she went out of the room changing into my dress. I wanted to laugh out loud! She looked hilarious in that. My V-neck t-shirt hangs on her until her mid-thigh and one of the shoulders was slipping lower on her arms. But I should say that was remarkably sexy! Whoa! This first night thing is getting on my nerves. I feel weird things on her. She is growing on me which is not good.
  • She went straight for the milk and gulped it down and laid on the edge of the bed. I controlled my laugh and went in. When she heard me opening the dressing room-door she shrieked! Looks like I scared her to death. She was trembling in fear and was breathing hard. She placed her hands on her chest and turned to look at me. 
  • That look on her face! Fear and confusion! OMG, She must be thinking from where the hell did I jump from now! Her face is incredible!
  • I tried hard and put on a hard facade. I said sorry for scaring her. She opened her mouth to ask me something which I guess is 'where have I been for so long?' 
  • I really don’t want to tell her about my secret place because I love looking at her secretly. Creepy? Yes, I know. But she is irresistible! 
  • I cut her off and said what I was so prepared to tell her. She never said a word. She just nodded her head in agreement which infuriated me. What did I expect her to do? Deny? I don't know. After a little conversation we retired to sleep. Me on the bed and she on the couch. She insisted and I agreed because it’s impossible for me to sleep on the couch. 
  • I am now hardly controlling laughing out loud because she is now going in the dressing room to check where I was? She even opened the restroom door to check! OMG she is so entertaining to watch. I didn't want her to find out my secret place so I turned off the lights. 
  • She let out a loud gasp and walked slowly to her couch and laid down. I turned to her side to see if she slept. She is wide awake and tossing on the couch. I pretend to be fast asleep. After an hour maybe?! We both are still awake. But I still pretend to sleep. She slowly gets up without making noise and walks towards me. Now I have my heartbeat fast in anticipation. Is she going to give me a kiss? I am not being me! 
  • She came so close to me and brought her face in line with mine. Her scent is so intoxicating. She kneeled down on the floor near my bed and waved her hands on my face. She wants to know if I’m asleep. Now I Am really curious to see what is going to come. I laid still without moving and the darkness helped me. 
  • "What do you think of yourself? Huh? Some handsome hunk? You look handsome though but not as much as you think you are! You know what? You are a rebirth of Hitler. Male chauvinist! You never let me talk! Idiot! Did you think I married you so happily? I had no idea that this was going to happen today. If at all I had known, I would have slept in my home saying I had a stomach ache. You are insane! I have only read novels where the hero or heroine talks about divorce on the first night. Stupid. Have you ever seen your face? GEM! You look like a Ginger Eaten Monkey! Yes, that is what you are! My aunty and anni were giving me so many lectures about this night and here I am talking to a shithead! If you didn’t want this wedding, you could have said no! Like a good man, you obeyed your father in front of everybody and now talking to me like a boss? Look here mister, I’m no Miss Goody Shoes! You better...Aahhhh"
  • That’s it! I cannot hold my laughter anymore. I tried to shuffle to the other side to smile at least and she, frightened by my sudden move, fell on her back! Haha she must have landed on her butt! 
  • I’m going to have an entertaining life!