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Chapter 349 Make a Change in Your Life

  • “Look at you—you have small boobs, thick legs, and a big pie face. Even Sean looks better than you in women’s clothing! Why did my uncle even choose you? You are definitely not worthy of my uncle!”
  • Feeling unwell, Sophia took a sip of the beer. She had been malnourished when she was younger, so Sophia had been taking medicine to regulate her body for the past two years. She didn’t dare to drink too much alcohol after her recovery.
  • “Take a look at yourself, Stanley—how can you compare yourself to your uncle? He is so handsome. He is richer than you, way more mature than you, and treats people better than you!” Sophie retorted.
  • “It is what it is; there’s no changing the fact that I’ve already slept with your uncle! I’ve left my mark on your cherished uncle, and he is now mine! Please accept this!” added Sophia.
  • Stanley gulped down another two glasses of wine before he bellowed, “Come on, Sophie—let me tell you something! I have never seen a woman like you before. Even if all the women in the world die and you are the only one left, I still wouldn’t choose you at all!”
  • Then, he put his arms around Sean’s shoulders and said, “Sean and I won’t choose you even if our world falls apart! Hmph!”
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