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Chapter 500 The Mind Is Not Simple

  • Levi Lambert just picked up a new MV this morning. In the afternoon, the company arranged the publicity department to be responsible for the marketing and publicity of MV.
  • In order to make the circulation of MV higher, the company launched an overwhelming publicity, and they even prepared to take MV publicity photos to attract fans' attention.
  • "Nan Ge, beloved, you are ready, and you will take a publicity photo and post it on Weibo." When the broker received the notice from the company, he told them as soon as possible.
  • The two people who are nodding to the words, Cen loves to look at Levi Lambert curiously and said, "Brother Levi Lambert, what is the publicity photo?"
  • "It's similar to a fixed makeup photo." Levi Lambert explained succinctly.
  • In the studio, Cen Xinai has changed her clothes and put on delicate makeup. She is looking forward to shooting for a while. She is thinking about how to make two people closer.
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