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Chapter 996 Who Fed Nicole The Hallucinogen

  • Evan thought Levant was being ridiculous. There was no need for him to resort to getting Nicole to do such a thing.
  • Evan glared at Levant. “I’m not like you. If ever Seet Group is in trouble and needs the publicity, I’ll still have the decency to keep my wife out of it!”
  • Levant snorted before responding, “Then what was going on in the mall? Why would Nicole snatch someone’s child to traffic?”
  • Before Evan could reply, Murphy cut in, “The hallucinogen could only have come from Wicked Palace. Which one of you stole it?”
  • Avril shook her head. “I have no interest in the drug. There’s no way I even went near it.”
  • Levant thought deeply. Why is Dad asking about the hallucinogen now?
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