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Chapter 991 Shopping

  • How does one make sure that the leaves stay on the tree forever?
  • It’s impossible. One cannot simply bend the rules of nature. Leaves will certainly fall, and new ones will take their place. The process perpetuates until the tree dies.
  • ‘‘Nicole, what say we stop this lollygagging and do something fun instead? Let’s see... oh, I’ve got a joke, you want to hear it?’’ asked Sheila after taking a deep breath.
  • Nicole was unperturbed. Keeping a straight face, she continued to stare blankly at the fallen leaves.
  • Meanwhile, Sheila’s heart was racing. She was afraid that the silent treatment from Nicole was because the latter would start acting up again. After all, it always ended up making Nicole oblivious to her surroundings while behaving like a gonzo animal.
  • ‘‘Forget about what I said, Nicole. Jokes aren’t quite your style, huh. It’s alright; I get it. We can do something else, though. Do you have anything in mind?’’ said Sheila with a timid tone.
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