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Chapter 969 Like Brother Like Sister

  • Levant couldn’t help but remember the old times with Nicole back in the Wicked Palace. They had spent so much time together, and she was even willing to marry him at one point.
  • There was no denying that he hadn’t been completely honest with her. Nevertheless, the indescribable joy filled his heart when she had agreed to marry him and when she had wanted to live together with him even if it was just a decision made on the spur of the moment. Those endearing memories were still fresh in his mind.
  • Soon, he pulled himself back into reality. The woman in front of his eyes right now was no longer the same Nicole who had almost married him. How he wished he could travel back in time to the days when he still had the chance to realize the wedding. If he had known better, he wouldn’t have let the opportunity slip through his fingers. He would’ve taken Nicole Lane as his rightful wife as soon as he could.
  • Woe to him for not acting in time.
  • Perhaps it’s true that sometimes one would only learn his lesson after losing the thing or person who was precious to him. Unfortunately, there was no way to turn back time.
  • Sometimes, the reality was harsh. The glow in his eyes dimmed as regret took over the happy memories he reminisced about earlier.
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