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Chapter 946 Planning The Wedding

  • “Do you have any charming male friends who are around Avril’s age? You should introduce them to her. Maybe that will be enough to shift her focus from me,” suggested Stephen to his daughter, who then nodded and promised, “No problem, Dad. You do care for Avril, don’t you?”
  • “I want her to get married as soon as possible so that she’ll leave me alone.”
  • Nicole considered his expression and realized that her father really did not have feelings for Avril. I guess we’ll go with the flow then.
  • I have to start planning the wedding when I get back.
  • It was already seven when they reached their homeland.
  • Sophia, Davin, Sheila, and Avril returned to the Seet residence, while Evan, Nicole, and the children returned to Imperial Garden with Stephen and his aides. John and the Hidden Masters also returned to their respective places.
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