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Chapter 928 He Is Innocence

  • Levant opened his mouth to explain, but Nicole did not give him a chance. She quickened her pace and walked away from him.
  • On her way back, all she could think of was the passionate kiss Susan and ‘Evan’ shared.
  • It made her heart twitch painfully.
  • The first thing she saw upon arriving at the living room was Kyle standing in the middle. She took a deep breath to hide her sorrow and smiled at him. “It’s getting pretty late, Kai. You should go to bed.”
  • “Mommy, I found the courtyard where Daddy and those four uncles are being held at. They told me that they’ll be fine, and that I should go back before anyone finds me,” Kyle said. “Will Daddy be fine, Mommy?”
  • Nicole frowned. “When did that happen?”
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