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Chapter 920 I Killed Levant

  • Evan let Nicole have her way when he saw how reluctant she was. He simply got up and continued looking for a way out.
  • As he examined the place, he kept an eye on Nicole. When he saw that she was getting drowsy, he rushed to her side and pulled her into his embrace.
  • Being in his embrace created a sense of warmth that Nicole hadn’t experienced in a while, so she laid there. She didn’t feel like moving away from him anymore. Before she knew it, she had already drifted to sleep.
  • Evan stared at Nicole as she slept. He held her closer to him and wondered who she was dreaming about as she laid in his arms.
  • Is she dreaming about me or Levant?
  • Nicole, if you truly love Levant, then why don’t I take you away from Wicked Palace? We’ll go to a place where it’s just you and me, and I will spend the rest of my life with you while assuming his identity. Will you be okay with that?
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