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Chapter 918 The Familiar Embrace

  • Nina thought that they should’ve picked a romantic place where the stars could be seen shining brightly above their heads. Champagne, roses, red carpet... Everything should’ve been there, and her parents should’ve been locked in a luxurious place.
  • Kyle turned to look at Nina. She will definitely grow up to be someone who craves romance.
  • “There’s a saying that couple needs to endure hardship together before they learn who they truly love. Sending them off on an adventure together will give them a chance to discover how they really feel.”
  • Nina couldn’t actually understand what Kyle was talking about, but their parents were already trapped, so she could only observe from the side.
  • The lighting inside the cave was terrible, and Nicole and Evan could barely see each other’s figures, let alone their features.
  • “What’s going on? The cave’s entrance is sealed. How do we leave the place?” asked Nicole nervously.
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