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Chapter 890 The Hidden Masters

  • After getting his hands on the information, Levant took some of his people and made a beeline toward Darkmoon Manor.
  • The Hidden Masters had been staying at Darkmoon Manor for some time. The moment they saw Levant and his group of men, a fierce fight ensued. During their vicious fight, Jeremy and Darius escaped through a secret passage.
  • However, John, Jensen, and Damien were caught by Levant.
  • Levant stared at John. "Where is Evan?"
  • John was stumped. Why is he asking where Evan is? Does that mean that Mr. Seet is not in his hands? That's great news!
  • Jensen and Damien were equally surprised. But more than that, they were glad to hear that Evan had eluded Levant.
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