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Chapter 884 Blame

  • "Oh, the whole team is here! What are you all doing up so late?"
  • Jeremy chuckled. "We're waiting for you, John! Did you manage to meet Mrs. Seet this time?"
  • John nodded. "Yes, and I've said everything there is to say. However, as Mr. Seet had predicted, she didn't believe us at all!" He let out a sigh and continued, "You can probably see it from that ice-cold look on Mr. Seet's face, right? His wife was really nasty towards him!"
  • Jeremy frowned. "No, because we haven't seen Mr. Seet."
  • "Yeah, how are we supposed to tell that from his face if we haven't seen him?"
  • John froze. "Wait... Mr. Seet isn't back yet?"
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