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Chapter 880 Nobody Bullies My Children

  • "Kai, do you have any proof?"
  • "No, only Maya knows exactly who did it. Mommy, this incident has hurt her deeply. I think she was too afraid, that's why she refused to talk about it. We should probably help her overcome that fear before she can open up."
  • Nicole felt relieved when she saw how observant and mature Kyle was.
  • "All right, Mommy knows what to do. I'll try my best to help Maya out."
  • Nicole then recalled how scared Maya looked when she was applying acupuncture to herself with the silver needle last night.
  • Maya hid in a corner and whispered, "Can you please stop using the needle, Mommy?" When I asked her why, she said, "Because it hurts, Mommy! Don't ever poke people with needles, okay?" I didn't think much about it at the time as I thought she was just afraid of needles like every other kid out there, but it turns out that she was abused with needles before! Who the hell would do such a cruel thing to a child? This is unacceptable!
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