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Chapter 878 A Small Price To Pay

  • Kyle looked at him and asked, "Are we really gonna hand this to Mommy? I heard women love jewelry. What if Mommy likes Levant even more after receiving this?"
  • Juan thought about what Kyle said and agreed with it.
  • He's right. If Mommy likes Levant more and more, Daddy wouldn't stand a chance! We need to get both of them back together and live happily as a family! Still... This is a really beautiful necklace, and it'd be a shame if Mommy couldn't wear it...
  • Juan suddenly had an idea. "I have a plan. Why don't we..." He then turned towards Kyle and whispered in his ear.
  • "Are you sure? I don't think that's such a good idea..." Kyle asked.
  • "Why not? If he can resort to underhanded means to steal Mommy over from Daddy, a necklace is a small price to pay!"
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