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Chapter 873 Where Are Your Wounds

  • Susan stared at the three of them in disbelief. These kids are ganging up on me! I'd be dead if Evan believes their story! This won't do... I'll have to call Evan and explain to him first!
  • After giving it some thought, Susan turned around and ran downstairs. By the time the kids got there, they saw that all the doors were locked.
  • Juan was bewildered. "What's going on? Is she trying to lock us in?"
  • "Our plans will be ruined if we don't get out of here! What do we do?"
  • At the same time, Susan began calling Evan as she stood in the courtyard, but there was no answer. Having no other choice, she could only sit on the wooden benches and wait for him to call back.
  • I've got to explain the situation to him! There is no way I'm going to just sit back and let those kids frame me like this!
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