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Chapter 861 Unable To Fall Asleep

  • John said earnestly, "Yes. So, let's head back first and then strategize."
  • "The wedding is the day after tomorrow. Is there still time to strategize?"
  • Jensen mumbled to himself. John looked back at him with an annoyed glance. What could be done? There isn't enough time.
  • He let out a sigh. Anyway, Mr. Seet is the main focus. We should go back and check with him.
  • By the time the three of them returned to Darkmoon Manor, Evan had already taken Maya to bed for the night. Darius and Jeremy were waiting in the living room.
  • When the trio came back, Darius quickly stood up and asked, "Have you guys seen Mrs. Seet? Mr. Seet was in a foul mood when he came back, and we didn't dare to ask him further."
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