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Chapter 855 Steal The Bride

  • John glanced at him, noticing the smug look on Damien's face.
  • Hmph! Your words are nothing but big talk.
  • "Mr. Seet, Levant's wedding day is approaching. Why don't we come up with a plan to snatch Mrs. Seet away on that day?"
  • Right after Jeremy spoke, Darius was stunned. "Stealing the bride? This is a good idea. But if Mrs. Seet is unwilling..."
  • "If she's unwilling, we can knock her out cold and kidnap her. Anyway, as long as we can bring Mrs. Seet back, I'm sure that our mighty boss can definitely win her favor again. After all, he's certainly willing to go to great lengths to win her back."
  • Evan narrowed his eyes as he gazed at the four men. There are four brains here, and they could only think of one method - stealing the bride? Are you kidding me?
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