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Chapter 850 She Must Be Nicole

  • "You're saying that Mommy agreed to marry Mr. Levant because he helped her?" Juan widened his obsidian eyes, finding it hard to believe.
  • This is so unbelievable. Things sure are complicated among adults.
  • Nina sighed. "Daddy got what he deserves. If he didn't lock Mommy up, Mr. Levant would not have the chance to come to her rescue as her knight in shining armor. And Mommy won't marry him."
  • At that, Kyle and Juan became speechless.
  • Yeah... Daddy shouldn't have locked Mommy up in jail. Now everything's a mess, and Mommy's marrying another person. What will Daddy do?
  • The next day, Evan received a photo from Jeremy in the evening. It was a photo of Levant and Nellie.
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