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Chapter 843 His Decision

  • At that moment, Evan's mind was blank.
  • If the kids are going to hate me, then so shall it be. I hate myself too. If hatred could kill, I'd rather die right now than be apart from Nicole.
  • Sophia realized Evan was not going to change his mind, so she grabbed his arm and said, "Evan, you can't be so selfish. It's too much for the children to bear. Do you want them to live the rest of their lives with the fact that their mommy passed away and resent you?"
  • "You should learn from Nicole. We all thought you were dead during the plane crash. Nicole was worried the kids wouldn't be able to take the blow. Hence, she hid the truth from them and suffered the pain alone. How could you be so cruel and selfish now? Do you not care about their feelings at all?"
  • Evan's deep-set eyes widened when he heard Sophia's words.
  • Nicole must have been devastated when she thought that I died in the plane crash! She was so much stronger than I am. How could someone so tough leave the world just like that?
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