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Chapter 835 Take The Blame

  • Juan sighed. "Ms. Sheila was not home. She left the Muir family three days after Uncle Davin was gone. She probably went to Y City with him because her family did not know where she was either."
  • "After Great-grandpa died, Uncle Davin did not return, and he even switched off his phone. Who knows where he went?" Nina said before she sighed.
  • "Then, who did you look for?"
  • She was certain that Juan had found another way. Otherwise, he would not come home.
  • Sure enough, Juan explained, "I secretly went to Daddy's company and met Uncle John nearby. He went to K Nation with Mommy before, so he knew a few people from the estate. He said he would find a way to inform Grandpa to save Mommy."
  • In response, the children let out a breath of relief, knowing that John was willing to help them.
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