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Chapter 83 I Miss Mommy

  • That night.
  • Kyle had been grouchy ever since he got home from kindergarten. He kept staring at the origami Nicole folded for him without saying a word.
  • Blake could tell that the kid missed his mother, so he sighed. Blake got the new Lego set out of the toy box and placed it in front of Kyle before suggesting, “Let’s build a boat together. It’s your favorite game.”
  • Kyle didn’t even look at it. He stood up coolly and proudly, then headed back to his own room.
  • Lego is nothing compared to Mommy, regardless of what new technology they used.
  • His Mommy had to work overtime that afternoon, so she couldn’t go pick him up from the kindergarten. She didn’t drop by that night either, and Kyle knew that his Daddy must have something to do with it.
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