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Chapter 828 Handmade Spaghetti

  • However, the moment they reached there, they didn't expect to see Susan ordering someone to block up the opening.
  • "Listen carefully, make sure you block the hole tightly and don't leave any cracks. I don't even want a fly to escape."
  • Susan's words caused the boys to grit their teeth in anger. Did she hear about our plan? How did she preempt us by blocking the hole in the wall? Is she spying on us?
  • Juan leaned towards Kyle and whispered into his ear. "I'll go alone since I can climb over the wall. After all, I'm trained in Taekwoncdo, so it will be easy for me."
  • Kyle nodded after giving it some thought. Although he had learned Taekwondo before, he wasn't as highly skilled as Juan, who had been practicing since young. And since Kyle had a weak constitution, he knew he would just be in the way if he followed.
  • "Alright."
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