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Chapter 823 You Are Just Trying To Use Us

  • "Why can't we get through?"
  • Kyle felt something was amiss. After a few tries, the result was the same. Stephen's phone had been switched off.
  • The two of them began to discuss. "Why don't we go to K Nation and ask Grandpa to help save Mommy."
  • "Grandpa, Grandma, and Daddy won't agree to it and will have us taken back here. Let's think of something else."
  • As Susan watched the two of them, she sighed. Nicole's children really love her a lot.
  • Maya was wailing at the top of her lungs while tears continued to drop like rain. No one could get her to stop as her mind was filled with the image of her Mommy being taken away by the police and that she would suffer in a small prison cell. Furthermore, the thought of not being able to see her Mommy terrified her.
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