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Chapter 814 The Wedding

  • Maya was upset and gave Nina the side-eye. She knew that Nina would jump at any opportunity to tease her. Hence, she had to lose weight as she didn't want to be as fat as a ball. She intended for Nina to see how she could be as thin as a stick instead.
  • When Nicole saw how happy Russell was bantering with the children, she walked to his side and greeted softly, "Grandpa, how are you feeling?"
  • Russell sighed. "Age is catching up, and it's natural to have aches and pains here and there. However, those are trivial issues and not a problem at all."
  • "Grandpa, I'll treat you with acupuncture in a while, it will ease your discomfort."
  • Looking at her, Russell's expression darkened. "If you really want to be filial, you should marry Evan as soon as possible. I don't want to bring up what happened in the past. I'm sure that your deceased Grandma won't blame you for it."
  • When Russell first found out that it was Nicole's father, Zane, who killed Evan's Grandma in an accident, he vehemently objected to their relationship.
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