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Chapter 812 Five Days

  • Hmph! Even if he misunderstood that there's something going on between me and Levant, he still shouldn't have been with Susan on purpose.
  • Holding that thought in her head, Nicole felt as if she was suffocated by it.
  • Meanwhile, Evan had just finished bathing and was drying his hair. Coincidentally, his phone rang and he answered.
  • "Mr. Seet, something has happened at the company."
  • "What is it?"
  • "One of our projects has encountered a problem. The previous project manager who may have been bribed filed a complaint. He said that the materials of our energy-saving equipment are substandard. Hence, all the energy-saving equipment in the A zone has been reaudited. And the auditors found problems with them. Consequently, we are unable to complete the project and will be in breach of our contractual obligations."
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