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Chapter 810 A Skeleton In The Closet

  • Throughout the years of Levant running a business in the country, he was deemed to be a formidable entrepreneur! It is not a simple task to take him out and destroy the business empire that he has built here. Nevertheless, if he is left on his own, not only would it affect Seet Group, rather, it would also create a rift between Mr. Seet and his wife. I guess that I have no other choice. I have to get it done despite its difficulty. To be frank, these two men would never have come across each other if they had not fallen in love with the same woman. Perhaps they might have even become business partners if that never happened. Unfortunately, however, romance, is at times, crueler than the business world.
  • In the blink of an eye, it was already ten at night as city lights filled the dark sky. Nicole felt a tad bit lonely when she glanced at the empty and somewhat dim bedroom.
  • Where did he go at this hour? Why is he not home yet? Could it be that he's spending time with Susan? She allowed her imagination to run wild.
  • A while later, she took out her phone to search for Evan's contact number. She gave him a call after a brief moment of hesitation. To her misfortune, however, her calls were left unanswered, as his phone was ultimately switched off.
  • Nicole was feeling rather frustrated. Did he do it purposely? Or is this happening because of the wrong timing?
  • Her phone rang abruptly while she was making wild guesses. Initially, she was elated, thinking that the call was from Evan. However, her face soon turned gloomy the moment she lowered her head to glance at the caller ID.
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