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Chapter 809 A Misunderstanding

  • Nicole was shocked by the unexpected assault. "Evan, let go of me! It hurts!"
  • He paid no heed to her words as he continued to pull her toward the bedroom with the same amount of strength. After that, he slammed the bedroom door shut strenuously.
  • She frowned at his face that was flushed with anger. Did he have to flip out just because I'd refused to answer his call? If anyone should have the right to be angry, it should be none other than me! Besides, I did not do it for fun!
  • Evan flung her hand away while glowering at her fair face. "Where did you go?" he asked in an interrogating manner.
  • Nicole avoided his eyes slightly as she lifted the bags in her hands. "I bought some clothes," she answered boldly.
  • "Then?"
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