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Chapter 808 Levant Winery

  • Following Nicole, John soon arrived at Levant Winery. He was dumbstruck as he took in the surrounding scenery.
  • It can't be! Is Mr. Seet some kind of prophet? Mrs. Seet is meeting with Levant! Goodness! Please don't enter the place. I'm tasked to spy on you. How am I supposed to report your whereabouts to my boss in such a circumstance? If I speak the truth, it will, by all means, create a rift in your relationship. If I were to lie to my boss, I would be banished to Antarctica once I've gotten busted!
  • While John was mumbling in his heart, Nicole headed into Levant Winery with her head held high.
  • Oh, my god! I'm so dead! She has entered the winery! What am I supposed to tell Mr. Seet now? Damn it, I'm in a tight spot now!
  • John had a troubled look on his face. Suddenly, his phone rang; a notification had come through. At a glance, he saw that it was a message from Evan: Is she still in the mall?
  • After much deliberation, he replied: Yes, she's still here.
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